The Legendary British Science Fiction Series, Doctor Who has been seen by millions of television viewers for more than 50 years and each generation has its favorite Doctor, Companions, Villians and monsters.

Each year, a multitude Whovians travel the globe to see their beloved Doctor Who cast members. The following is a partial listing of upcoming conventions in The United States featuring Classic as well as New Doctor Who cast members. Now, WHO's Your Favorite???

(NOTE: Scheduled appearances may change due to artist schedule)

Chicago Tardis: TBA

Regeneration Who:

March 29-31, 2019:  Paul McGann

March 29-31, 2019:  Daphne Ashbrook

March 29-31, 2019:  Yee Gee Tso

ACE Comic Con(Arizona)

1/11-13  David Tennant

Gallifrey One: 30 Years in The Tardis

2/15-17/2019:  Pearl Mackie, Rose Jane, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Carol Ann Ford, William Russell, Katy Manning, Frazer Hines, Nicholas Briggs


2/22-24  Catherine Tate, Alex Kingston, Peter Davison, Colin Baker


3/22-24/2019:  John Barrowman

3/22-24/2019:  David Tennant

Regeneration Who:

 3/29-31, 2019:  Paul McGann

 3/29-31, 2019:  Daphne Ashbrook

 3/29-31, 2019:  Yee Gee Tso

5/17-19      Motor City Con - David Tennant, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman

5/23-26      Phoenix Comic Con - Catherine Tate, John Barrowman

5/16-19      Mega Con Orlando - David Tennant, Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Mark Sheppard

11/1-3        Rhode Island Con - Catherine Tate, John Barrowman

5/31-6/2     Galaxy Con - Peter Capaldi

5/31-6/2     Denver Pop Culture - Catherine Tate, Michelle Gomez

6/22           Big Finish Day - Georgia Tennant

Don't forget to lookout for The UltimateTV host Rachell Montgomery at any one of the conventions listed. For a detailed list of your favorite classic and new Doctor Who cast members, visit the website http://doctorwhoactorappearances.blogspot.com/